So often when I meet new people and tell them what I do, they respond with a “How cool!  I signed 2-3 signs with my little one – he loooved the sign for ‘MORE’ and we never needed more than that” or something along those lines.  My response is always a “YES! It’s so amazing, isn’t it?! How even ONE SIGN can be so helpful!”

Can you imagine the benefits of more…?

It’s absolutely life changing to sign more than just “MORE”.  Here’s why –

Many babies get stuck at “MORE” and that sign often becomes everything…. (“more food, more music, more tickles, and I-don’t-know-the-right-sign-so-I’ll-sign-MORE-until-you-figure-out-what-I-mean”). 

It’s actually very clever of your babes to figure out how to use that one word to achieve so much!! And here’s where adding in “more” signs really will help extend and clarify communication.

Here’s how… 

Adding in “more”signs allows your babies to practice with vocabulary and language in a more meaningful way.  Using several signs means that from a young age your child can start conversations, take turns in conversations, use short sentences, use describing words… the list goes on.  Then as soon as they are ready to talk they have all these foundational skills down!

This is the reason that most signing babies and toddlers become such prolific talkers when they are ready.

Types of signs that’ll further engage your little

Adding in FUN signs (like ball, dog, music, teddy, book) will encourage your baby to sign back earlier.  It’s completely typical for babies to start with signing “MORE” and stay there a while but if you are using motivating signs you will see that your baby or toddler adds moresigns faster than if you are only using functional signs like BED, CHANGE, etc.

Adding in FUN signs also helps you to understand your little one’s INTERESTS!  Yes it’s SO helpful to know when your baby needs “MORE” or MILK. Taking care of babe’s needs gets you through the day by addressing immediate needs that pop up frequently. What a relief to minimize/reduce the tantrums that could result without these signs!

 but knowing that your baby wants you to sing Twinkle, Twinkle little “STAR” or find his “PUPPY” or go to class to see his “FRIENDS”.  It’s so awesome. It bonds you deeply.  

Signing with my own children and 100s of your babies and toddlers each year has given me profound respect for little ones.  Our babies think and fee so much more than we can understand and it is such a gift to be able to tap into that!! I mean y’all, I’m having constant conversations with 12-24 mo olds using signs and the toddlers in class are having signed conversations with each other.  It’s so amazing.  

So do your babes a favor – sign more than MORE!  Start with a few, and make it fun OR come see me for a fun class to put it all together!  

Got questions? Let me know.

Happy signing!


About Christina Schabow

With both undergraduate and Master’s degrees in Speech/Language Pathology, Christina Schabow loves teaching babies and children to sign and blossom from frustrated little people to thriving, empowered, communicative members in their families. She's is a co-owner of Portland Early Learning.

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