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Campers will stamp their passports daily as they play games, sings songs, work on cooking and cultural craft projects! Children are warmly supported by our instructors to follow directions, complete projects and make their requests in Spanish, with English being reserved for cultural conversations and sharing.

Daily Schedule

9:00-9:10 Arrival, Welcome to Camp!
9:15-9:30 Opening Circle
9:30-10:15 Small groups-crafts/cooking/language games
10:15-10:45 Wash and Snack
10:45-11:30 Small groups-crafts/cooking/language games
11:30-12:15 Outside Play and Activities
12:15-1:00 Wash and Lunch
1:00-1:30 Group literacy/folk tales/poetry
1:30-2:15 Group craft/long-term art project
2:15-2:40 Passport entries/Closing Circle
2:40-3:00 Outside Play and Activities

**All materials and healthy mid-morning snacks are provided.**

All camps are ​Monday - Friday, 9am-3pm

All camps for children ages 5-8.



No previous Spanish language knowledge needed! Advanced campers stretch their language skills through leadership opportunities while beginning campers benefit from PELP's unique approach of supported communication. All campers feel a boost in confidence and inspiration to continue learning beyond their time at camp.

PELP makes learning Spanish FUN! Parents are invited on the last day to see a special performance highlighting what their child has learned.

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To sign up for camp:

#1 - Choose Your Camp Location
#2 - Click the registration button
#3 - On the registration page, choose the "Camps" tab and choose your camp.
#4 - Fill in the registration form and pay
#5 - We'll email you a confirmation with all of the information you need for camp

SW Portland

All in-person August camps have been canceled due to Covid-19. Check out our new online Spanish program: GOGO Espanol!

NE Portland

All in-person August camps have been canceled due to Covid-19. Check out our new online Spanish program: GOGO Espanol!

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Take a Sneak Peek into Our Spanish camps

raquel amezcua

Our Video Editor:  Raquel Aurelia Amezcua has been involved with PELP since she was three! First as a student in our preschool classes, then as a camper, and later as a volunteer counselor. If she didn’t have school and other obligations – she could almost teach our classes! (She certainly knows all the songs!) She put her Spanish camp experience to good use last year at Camp Shazaam as a counselor and dance instructor and is looking forward to working there again this summer!

Raquel's current role at PELP is to create promotional videos for our Spanish programs. She also made a promo video for Camp Shazaam! If you’re in need of any video editing, you may reach her at

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"I think this class is a dynamic opportunity for my daughter!!! The location is great! I WILL sign my daughter up again in the Fall. I'm impressed w/the curriculum. I also love the cultural elements. Overall the class IS fantastic!!!"


"J. is LOVING class! It has surprised me how age appropriate this class is. It has already been so great for her. We are 3 classes in and she is already saying 3-4 Spanish words at home.Not only is she learning Spanish, but also really great social skills."                                                   ~ Sara, mom to Jabana (18mos)



"Delia is kind, patient and engaging. We have taken her class multiple times at Tabor Space and love it. I highly recommend these classes to get your kiddo loving (and using) Spanish!"

   ~ Alex Asselin