Enrollment Policies

Thank you for joining us in our mission to bring Spanish to our community’s young learners! Learning a second language with PELP is not only a valuable and fun academic and cognitive exercise, but also fosters an awareness, appreciation, and respect for our own and other cultures that surround us.

With all our classes virtual and using Zoom we have created some new policies to create a rich learning environment and to provide our students and families with the best programming possible.  You will also see our refund policies as well.

Zoom Information

Zoom is a web-based video conferencing tool with a local, desktop client and a mobile app that allows users to meet online. Basic Zoom accounts are free.  Links will be sent out to each registered user for each class 30 minutes prior to the start of class.

These expectations are no different than what teachers expect in the classroom. Here is a chart to summarize Do’s and Don’ts.

Parent/Student Zoom Reminders

  • Join your class a couple of minutes early to ensure proper connection.
  • Do not eat during your session unless instructed by your teacher.
  • Mute yourself when the teacher asks you; try to limit background noises.
  • NEVER EVER take Zoom into the bathroom!!
  • Change the name on the screen to the child’s name (if using parent account).
  • Do not share the Zoom link with anyone outside your family.  These links are for use by your family.
  • Try and log in from a place that is free from distractions and noises.
  • Use your best digital citizenship.
  • Remember to look into the camera when it’s your turn to talk.


We do NOT charge a registration fee! Upon registration, a spaced is reserved for your child for each session. Our refund is as follows:

  • One week before class starts, a full refund will be processed minus a $35 processing fee.
  • After 3 sessions, a 50% refund will be processed.
  • After 5 sessions, no refund will be processed.
  • No refunds or credits for missed classes.


  • Release Portland Early Learning Project (PELP), Spanish Language in Play, LLC, (SLiP), Adventures in Spanish (AiS), its owners, employees, Instructors, and staff from all Liability for injury to his/her child from his/her child’s participation in the SLiP/AiS program.
  • Allow Spanish Language in Play, LLC, Adventures in Spanish, PELP to use the name and/or likeness in photographs and/or video of his/her child for advertising, promotional, and teacher education purposes without compensation to his/her child or his/herself

Behavior Policy

The Portland Early Learning Project, Adventures in Spanish is committed to creating a successful environment for your children.  We want all children to feel safe and secure while engaging in fun, structured games and activities.    We will treat your child with kindness and respect and we expect your children to treat our teachers the same.

At times behavior issues arise.  Harassment, intimidation and bullying are unacceptable behaviors and will not be tolerated.  Kicking, hitting, any behaviors that may distract from the classroom dynamic, racial slurs and any other behaviors deemed inappropriate will also not be tolerated.  If behavior issues do arise, we will speak to the child with respect and ask them to stop the behavior.  We will do this 2-3 times if needed.  If this action does not yield the results we would like, parents will then be called to discuss the matter.  Parents may also be called to come collect the child early.  If the behavior still does not change, we will then ask a parent (or guardian) to attend class with their child.  Lastly, if the problem continues to be ongoing, your child be may asked to be removed from our class.  Refunds will follow our current refund policy above.

In summary, if behaviors are a problem:

  • Ask the child to stop.
  • Talk to the parents. Parents may have to pick up early.
  • Have the parents come to class.
  • Removal from our program.

We want your children to learn Spanish is a fun and safe environment.  Thank you for your help and understanding.