Why choose Adventures in Spanish?

In our immersion-style classes, we honor a broad spectrum of learning styles by using communication-based games & activities that intrigue students, encourage spoken language, strengthen literacy skills, and increase confidence.

Classes are kept small to ensure that each student gets lots of practice and individualized attention.

Our trained teachers’ ability to elicit language with a strong emphasis on building self-confidence really sets us apart!

What are the benefits of learning a Second Language?

Being able to communicate in another language can be incredibly powerful. (Even if you’re not fully fluent!) And we make it fun!  It can open windows to new opportunities, expand job possibilities, and plant the seed for travel and adventure. And purposeful or not -- it opens your mind and heart to other peoples and cultures -- to different ways of thinking and doing.

There are added benefits that go along with learning a second language, including enhancing your brain’s learning capacity and the ability to communicate with others.

Can I start in the middle of a session?

Yes! Our classes are full of fun songs, and games that are usually new to all the students in the class. We have many strategies to keep a comfortable and accessible environment for beginners while maintaining a challenging atmosphere for more advanced students. Although we have some songs and phrases that we use each class, every 6-7 weeks we start a new unit.  This brings in new vocabulary for all students.

We provide as much assistance, encouragement and opportunity as the students need to succeed and have a great time. We “sandwich” phrases by saying them first in Spanish, then English then Spanish again. We use ASL and hand gestures to aid in retention and comprehension. Our experience has shown that students have a good time and are learning Spanish from the first class.  Although we have some songs and phrases that we use each class, every 6-7 weeks we start a new unit.  This brings in new vocabulary for all students.

How do you teach to multiple levels in one class?

Teaching to a diverse group of children is what we do best! It is our job to elicit language skills at a level that is appropriate to each student. Note: language skills do not necessarily conform to students' age, the road to fluency is complex and individual to each person.

We draw less Spanish from our newer/younger students and more from the advanced/older ones. Once a child can easily produce a two-word response we will elicit a three-word response. Then, when they are capable of expressing a three-word response, we begin to elicit four-word responses. In this way, our new/young students benefit from hearing the older ones practice longer phrases, without becoming overwhelmed. We also change things up regularly to allow our older students to lead routine activities. Our students learn from each other constantly in a fun, no pressure environment!