Learning Through Play!

Kids playing with blocks

Learning through play is a proven method to engage learners of all ages. Kids especially learn through their curiosities and interests.

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How To Use GoGo Español

Child learning spanish online

Are you taking full advantage of your GOGO Español membership? Watch this video from Maestra Carolina to see how to navigate the courses!

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What are the benefits of learning a second language?

Communicating in another language is a great accomplishment in and of itself. (Even if you’re not fully fluent!) It is incredibly powerful and empowering. The ability to communicate in a second language opens windows to untold opportunities, expands job possibilities, and plants the seed for travel and adventure. And purposeful or not — it opens…

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6 Tips For Supporting Bilingual Learning at Home

By Afton Nelson for PELP Introducing young children to a second language has many benefits. Studies have shown that children as young as three will develop better cognitive skills, and prepare themselves for higher academic achievement. Kids also gain a rich cultural experience learning another language and will be better prepared to make societal contributions…

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