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Kids playing with blocks

Learning Through Play!

Learning Through Play! 04/02/2021       Learning through play is a proven method to ...
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Child learning spanish online

How To Use GoGo Español

how to use gogo Español  Are you taking full advantage of your membership? Watch the ...
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About Us!

Jessica Swartz Amezcua Welcome to Portland Early Learning Project! Jessica Swartz Amezcua I spent the ...
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Nature Walks: Stress Relief and Learning Opportunity

Have you gone on a nature walk recently with your little (or not-so-little) one? No matter what your ...
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What are the benefits of learning a second language?

Communicating in another language is a great accomplishment in and of itself. (Even if you’re ...
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Why to Sign More than MORE

So often when I meet new people and when I tell them what I do, ...
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What to Expect in our Family Spanish Classes!

Our family classes are a combination of routine and new activities. Once you’ve come to ...
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Portland Mercado: Travel to Latin America Without Leaving the City

Portland Mercado was designed to be a community meeting place—a place to come together and experience ...
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Cultural Exchanges and Home Stays

by PELP Team on 10/12/16 Have you ever considered hosting a foreign exchange student? Cultural ...
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Dia de los muertos

Have you ever had a picnic in the graveyard? At night? With lots of candles ...
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Different Levels of Learning

When our children learn a skill, such as a new language, parents or caregivers might ...
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Get Your Taco Fix in Portland

No matter what Portland neighborhood you find yourself in, you’re never far away from great ...
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